Dry Eye Consultatation, Imaging, & Testing

Jul 29, 2022

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Dry Eye Consultatation, Imaging, & Testing

During a dry eye consult, our team will commonly review an extensive history including lifestyle habits, systemic conditions, list of medications/supplements, current at-home dry eye regimen, daily routine and more.

We perform a number of diagnostic tests to evaluate the tear film stability, consistency and quality.

1) Tear Volume and Stability (Tear Meniscus Height & Non-Invasive Tear Breakup Time or NIKBUT),

2) Meibography (infrared imaging of the gland structures),

3) Tear Osmolarity or Tearlab (check electrolyte balance/imbalance of the tears),

4) Vital dye staining with lissamine green and NaFl to rule out keratitis, conjunctival damage and eyelid concerns such as LWE.

5) Slit lamp (microscope) exam with Firefly to capture high definition (HD) images of the ocular surface.

Once the patient’s condition(s) are identified and properly diagnosed then a customized treatment plan will be developed and implemented.

Video demonstration with Dr Claudia Younany: https://lnkd.in/gQwPZkN9