MiSight 1-Day Contact Lenses

MiSight 1-Day Contact Lenses

MiSight® 1 day contact lenses are easy-to-use, daily disposable lenses that can delay the progression of myopia in children. If your child’s prescription needs frequent upgrading, you can take steps to protect their vision at Beverly Hills Optometry in Beverly Hills, California. Reach out to the Los Angeles area office by phone or through the online appointment request button to learn more about these high-tech lenses.

MiSight® 1 day Contact Lenses Q&A

What are MiSight 1 day contact lenses?

MiSight 1 day contact lenses are the first FDA-approved daily disposable lenses for vision correction and myopia (nearsightedness) control in children. MiSight lenses use cutting-edge ActivControl® technology to improve vision and prevent myopia from worsening.

How do MiSight 1 day contact lenses work? 

For the most part, MiSight lenses look and work much like other contact lenses. Part of the lens contains a prescription that corrects vision. The significant difference between MiSight and other lenses is that they slow down eye growth using the other part of the lens.

Children with myopia have excessive axial elongation (front-to-back eye growth). Normally, light focuses on the light-sensing cells at the back of the eye, the retina. But, if your child has myopia, their eye doesn't focus light efficiently due to its length, causing fuzzy distance vision. 

Many children who have myopia need frequent prescription updates because their eyes continue to grow, worsening focus as they do. MiSight lenses have concentric circles that refocus part of the light that enters the eye, which slows the trigger that leads to eye overgrowth.

Is my child a good candidate for MiSight 1 day contact lenses?

MiSight candidates include children who have progressive myopia and those who are at risk for myopia progression. Children ages 8-12 can start treatment. 

While not all children are ready for contact lenses at this age, most learn to insert and remove lenses easily with help from the Beverly Hills Optometry team. In studies, 95-100% of children said they preferred MiSight contacts over eyeglasses. 

Kids like the convenience of simply throwing lenses away each night and then using a fresh pair in the morning.

What results can I expect from MiSight 1 day contact lenses?

Severe myopia during childhood can lead to serious eye problems like detached retina and early cataracts, but MiSight lenses can help you take control and prevent your child from eye problems as an adult.

MiSight 1 day contact lenses offer effective myopia control. In studies, MiSight lenses corrected myopia and slowed its progression by an average of 59%. 

If your child’s eyesight seems to continually worsen, MiSight 1 day contact lenses could be the solution that stabilizes their vision. Call Beverly Hills Optometry or click the online appointment scheduler to learn more.