Virtual Consults

Virtual Consults

Dr. Kambiz Silani is a Board Certified optometrist who serves the residents of Beverly Hills and many other California communities, including Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Century City, Bel Air, Hollywood, and Manhattan Beach. The doctor offers Virtual Consultations to new and/or returning patients. These patients may inquiry about LASIK candidacy, contact lens eligibility, eye conditions, diagnostic technology, & dry eye treatment options. Patients are then directly to visit the office for a regular check-up or for one of the many in-office treatment options.

Virtual Consults Q & A

What is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation is done by an eye care professional who is willing to work outside of his office, either at the patient's home or at their workplace. The doctor can provide medical and/or surgical consultations, perform simple eye exams, monitor existing health conditions, and offer products that may be needed, such as contact lens solutions, eyeglass cleaner, and other products that are normally sold in the doctor's office. The doctor may also be able to diagnose and treat simple eye conditions such as allergies or food sensitivities.

How Can a Virtual Consultation Benefit Large Companies?

A large corporation who spends the money to bring in a virtual consultation, as well as other health care providers, is providing a service to their employees as well as to themselves. With a virtual doctor visiting the corporation on a regular basis, staff members and employees can be seen on the premises without having to leave work or spend time driving to the doctor's office. With the virtual doctor on site, more people can receive care and the company knows that their patients are getting the best treatment possible without having to jeopardize their jobs be leaving work early.

What is the Larger Scope of a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation can be included in a larger, corporate wellness program that incorporates other types of medical programs as well. Personal trainers, counselors, nutritionists, medical doctors, and dentists can all be integrated into one large wellness program that offers diagnostic services and treatment plans that benefit the entire person, body, mind, and spirit. With a virtual service, each provider visits the corporate headquarters or business location on a set day every few weeks or months. This allows employees immediate access to the types of healthcare they need on a regular basis without having to miss work or come in late.