Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision Training

Dr. Silani provides state-of-the-art sports vision testing and training services for amateur and professional athletes (yes, even weekend warriors) throughout the Beverly Hills, CA, area. He specializes in creating custom-tailored testing and training programs aimed at helping athletes enjoy their sport more and perform to their best ability.

Sports Vision Training Q&A

What is sports vision testing and training?

Sports vision testing and training comprises a wide range of options that help casual and professional athletes hone their visual skills so they can play their sport better, be more competitive and get more enjoyment out of their game. One of the advantages of sports vision testing and training is that it can be customized to suit each individual athlete, depending each person's unique needs. 

How does sports vision testing differ from regular eye care?

Eye care and exams are an essential part of maintaining good vision and eye health for everyone at all ages; sports vision testing and training helps ensure visual performance is optimized specifically for athletic activity.

What kinds of testing and training are offered?

There are several types of testing and training activities, and the types that are best for you will depend on your sport, your athletic level, your goals and your current vision. Testing and training might address issues like:

  • eye-hand coordination

  • visual response time and processing speed

  • depth perception

  • focusing

  • peripheral vision

  • eye alignment

  • eye dominance

  • contrast sensitivity

  • eye tracking

After a complete vision assessment, you and Dr. Silani will discuss the testing and training options to help you set realistic goals and improve your vision. 

Which athletes benefit from sports vision training?

Sports vision testing and training can help all types of athletes, from weekend golfers to amateur athletes to pros who make sports their career. The best way to learn if sports vision training could help your game is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Silani. After discussing your needs and assessing your vision, he can help you decide if sports vision training is right for your needs and goals.