Mandy Moore & OptiLight IPL

Feb 08, 2022

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Mandy Moore & OptiLight IPL

Did you know that dry eye disease is highly common among different medical condition? The prevalence of dry eye disease among different conditions includes Glaucoma (59%), Diabetes (54%), Contact Lenses (50%), and Allergies (25%).

Like more than 49 MILLION Americans estimated to suffer from dry eye disease, sing-songwriter and actress, Mandy Moore, suffered from the disease until treatment with OptiLight IPL significantly improved her condition. Now, she’s sharing her story and empower others to say, ‘I won’t just live with it’.

After suffering for years with dry, itchy, burning eyes, Ms. Moore learned her problem was dry eye disease. After undergoing treatment with OptiLight, Ms. Moore's quality of life greatly improved.

Here's a journey: "I'm excited to share how OptiLight has made a real impact on my life. For years, I suffered from dry eye disease, but I didn't know I had it! My eyes felt gritty and tired, and they looked red. I couldn't wear my contact lenses for long. Eye drops didn't do much. It was constant frustration on the set and at home with my family," said Ms. Moore. “When I learned that I had a medical condition called dry eye disease, I realized I didn’t have to just live with it—I could get a safe, effective treatment with OptiLight. Now, I can focus more time on what’s important to me, rather than battling the constant nuisance and discomfort of dry eye disease, and I want to inspire other people to say, ‘I won’t just live with it.’”

Just like Ms. Moore, our practice and doctors are dedicated to raising awareness about both dry eye disease and the OptiLight treatment. 

With OptiLight's with patented OPT technology, it is the first and only light-based treatment for dry eye disease. To learn more about dry eye disease and if OptiLight is right for you, schedule a consult today.