MGD & LipiFlow

Jun 02, 2021

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MGD & LipiFlow

MGD Background

MGD is a chronic disease that can get worse over time. If it isn't treated, it can affect your quality of life. Early detection and treatment can minimize its long-term effects.

MGD happens when the tiny glands in your eyelids get blocked and don't secrete enough oil. It results in feelings of dryness, grittiness, itching, burning, fluctating/blurry vision, eye fatigue, contact lens intolerance and styes.

The discomfort can affect your daily activities, general progress and productivity, by limiting the amount of time you can spend using screens, wearing contact lenses, reading and even enjoying outdoor activities.

Lipiflow Patented Technology for Treating MGD

Lipiflow is a major step forward in the relief of these symptoms because it treats the underlying cause. It is a non-invasive, office-based procedure using a precise combination of applied warmth and gentle pressure, it unplugs the blocked glands to improve Meibomian gland function. For the vast majority of patients, the procedure is comfortable. After an initial anesthetic drop, the treatment is drug-free and takes only 12-minutes.

If you are considering cataract or laser eye surgery and you have MGD, the MGD additionally should be treated prior to the surgery as untreated MGD can have an impact on post-surgical outcomes.

Healthy vision starts with the ocular surface and healthy meibomian gland function keeps your eyes moist ensuring clear, comfortable, healthy and stable vision.

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