OptiLight IPL By Lumenis

Mar 20, 2022

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OptiLight IPL By Lumenis

Are you suffering from dry eyes? At Beverly Hills Optometry: Advanced Dry Eye Center, we offer the latest office-based and evidence-based treatment options for ocular surface disease. If you or a loved one suffers from dry eyes, try an OptiLight treatment and see what a difference this revolutionary therapeutic makes.

OptiLight by Lumenis is the only light therapy, FDA approved for dry eyes. It uses specific wavelengths of light to manage dry eye disease by addressing inflammation, which is one of the key underlying factors in dry eye disease. The treatment is gentle, fast, and has no downtime.

In fact, celebrity Mandy Moore recently shared her experience and couldn't be happier, "For years, I suffered from dry eye disease. Discovering OptiLight for dry eyes was a total game changer! I am thrilled with the results of OptiLight; it has made a real impact on my life." 

Over 40 peer-reviewed papers support the efficacy and safety of OptiLight. Some impressive results include 2.7x INCREASE in tear break-up time, 6.3x MORE expressible glands, and 2.5x REDUCTION in pro-inflammatory mediators. This all translates to healthier looking and feeling eyes.

If you're experiencing dry eyes and it's impacting your daily life, we can help get you relief. You don't have to live with itchy, watery, red, or burning eyes. 

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