Screen Time is Affecting Your Vision?

Aug 24, 2020

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Screen Time is Affecting Your Vision?

It’s no secret that we spend more time looking at our screens than ever before. When we’re looking at our devices, we may blink only half as often as we would normally. As a result, we may be doing damage to our tear quality. Have you been spending extra time in front of a screen lately?

At Beverly Hills Optometry: Advanced Dry Eye Center, we know managing Dry Eye is an important part of protecting your vision. If you experience Dry Eye symptoms like the ones shown above, including blurriness, stinging or gritty sensation, or even watery eyes, your tears may be unhealthy. 

Schedule an appointment where we can evaluate your tear health and, if needed, talk through ways to address the root causes of Dry Eye: 310-659-2020 (call/text) or visit our homepage.