TearCare's Office-Based Therapy for Dry Eye Disease & MGD

Aug 23, 2020

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TearCare's Office-Based Therapy for Dry Eye Disease & MGD

TearCare is a unique, office-based procedure that addresses the root cause of dry eye disease, obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (blocked oil glands within the eyelids).

The TearCare system uses disposable, smart lids, which transfer calibrated heat to the external eyelids for 15-minutes.

During the heating segment, patients are encouraged to open their eyes and blink to loosen the stagnant, melted oils.

Once the automated heating portion is complete, a manual, clearance device is used for thorough visualization and evacuation of blockages within the glands.

In a recent study on TearCare, a single treatment demonstrated safe and successful improvement in signs and symptoms of DED in patients with MGD.

It further compared TearCare with Lipiflow, where TearCare met non-inferiority treatment standards. In practice, we find patients truly feel relief from dry eye symptoms and appreciate longer contact lens wearing time within two weeks. Additionally, patients enjoy both the external heating component of TearCare as well as the combined customization of the gland clearance/expression. 


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